Flat-Coated Retrievers

Our Flat-Coat Family

Our Flat-Coat journey has given us opportunities to meet many wonderful people and to travel to many parts of Canada and the United States. Our puppy owners have become our very good friends and we enjoy staying in touch with them! Welcome to our Flat-Coat family!

Vicki ~ Am/Can Ch. Inglis Victory Lane Am WC JH

Kolbi ~ Am Ch. Inglis Kolt K'mander WC JH

Copper ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Prairie Fire

Riker ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Prairie Solstice WC CD

Gus ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Thunder Storm

Storm ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Fire Storm WC CD

Jayda ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Storm Warning TD

Sadie ~ Can. Ch. Chaos Stampede Sadie

Shiloh ~ Can. Ch. Inglis Northern Midnight Dream WC 

Katie ~ Inglis Midnight Katie

RaceE. ~ Inglis Midnight Lady Chicane

Shadow ~Inglis Midnight Black Shadow

Cera ~ Inglis Country Race WC

Thibodeaux ~ Inglis Country Thibodeaux

Duke ~ Ch. Inglis Country Royal Stewart WCX CD

Happy ~ Inglis Brise de la Campagne CDX WC JH CGC

Dakota ~ Inglis Magic Dakota

Cooper ~ Inglis Magic Blessing

Logan ~ Inglis Northern Lookout

Charlie ~ Inglis Northern Prince

Scout ~ Inglis Royal Scout

Abby - Inglis Royal Abby

Taylor ~ Inglis Royal Lord Taylor

Indigo ~ Inglis Royal Indigo

Finnegan ~ Ch. Inglis Royal Finnegan

Julie - Inglis Western Jewel

Gunner ~ Inglis Western Gunner

T.J. ~ Inglis Peyto West

Addie ~ Inglis Durville's Dream Addie

Riley ~ Inglis Summer Riley

Neeka ~ Inglis Kountry Neeka

Hunter ~ Inglis Kountry River

Shiloh - Inglis Kountry Boy

Bernie - Inglis Kountry Borealis

Luna - Inglis Chanda's Magical Light

Chase - Inglis Chasiin The Hunters Moon

Kona - Inglis Summer Moon

Rase - Inglis Once In a Blue Moon

Pippi - Inglis Pippi of Blue Moon

Kipper - Inglis Moon Man

Tilly - Inglis Summer Plans Have Changed

Stout - Inglis Summer Hunter

Tucker - Inglis Summer Storm

Amos - Inglis Decker’s Best Summer

Wren - Inglis Eagletarn Galiano Girl



(Storm, Shiloh, Riker, Jadya, Flicka, Tracker, Cera, Louie )

This picture was taken while the "Inglis Family" was home for the 1999 Canadian National Specialty.